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Sammy Luff:

"Thanks for looking after the Princess... cant believe i've had her 6yrs and 3 dentists in that time and none of them pointed out my horses problems to me, just did a bit of rasping etc and off they went, fingers crossed now she's had the time and care given we can sort her diastemas out. Would recommend to anyone wanting a more personal dentist who doesn't treat your horse as just another number x"

Catherine Carter:

"A first class equine dentist in every respect. By far the best equine dentist I have ever used. Friendly, punctual and great with both the clients and the horses. Bee takes her time to explain and show you the horses mouth and educate clients on the importance of good equine dentistry practices such as routine check ups and what each client needs to look for with their own horses mouths. Bee has always done a fantastic job of every horse that she has worked on, spotting and rectifying issues that other dentists have missed. The horses all work far better once they have been treated by Bee and look forward to having their teeth done. I can't rate Bee highly enough the quality of her work speaks for its self when I have a yard full of happy horses out pretty much every weekend winning. I trust Bee and her knowledge 100% and wouldn't let anyone else treat my horses"

Kathy Anderson:

"I cannot recommend Bee highly enough! She has an excellent bedside manner that calms even the most jumpy horse. I have recently recommended her to a friend who had told me her mare wasn't that keen on the dentist, her feedback was really positive. Teeth done and one un-stressed pony! Excellent Dentist"

Joy Irvine:

"WOW! What can I say! Bee is a fantastic dentist in all respects. Bee came to my yard today and did the teeth of my mare and my friends gelding, was fantastic with them very calm and sympathetic and both horses reacted very well to her. Bee explained exactly what she was doing and why to us, and both of us as owners were most impressed. But myself I was more impressed with the way Bee was with my yearling. who has obviously never seen a dentist in his life or even started being bitted yet. We introduced him to having the water in his mouth and opening his mouth and Bee even introduced him to the gag and he had it on for a moment! After it was removed, the best moment of all was when he even went to Bee for cuddles after! He clearly wasn't that bothered! What a fantastic first experience of the dentist for him, thank you Bee, see you next year!!"

Natasha Bell-Syer:

"Excellent service, can't thank Bee enough. I just wish I hadn't trusted the previous person for almost 20 years... Bee uncovered some awful surprises left behind by someone who had been highly recommended & trusted. Luckily she has made all four comfortable & the difference is immediately noticeable..I feel dreadful that my trusting horses had been done so badly at top prices before-shows the importance of using a QUALIFIED equine dentist..experience and a name are just not enough. The difference in my horses behaviour throughout says so much too, they all seemed so greatful! Thank you Bee!"

Josephine Manning:

"What a fab dentist! My very green and babyish six year old had her teeth done for the first time and I specifically searched for someone who would be quiet, understanding and patient and not one to suggest sedating her. She's a quiet little girl (who also prefers women the sexist cow) but if you rush her it can take months to fix an issue. Not only did Bee take her time with her and make it an interesting experience for her rather than an unpleasant one but I now know exactly what her teeth felt like before, during and after. I have a happy girly who doesn't have a problem with a dentist because it was done perfectly the first time!"

These are just a selection of lovely reviews sent to me by my wonderful clients. If these reviews sound like the sort of service you would like for your horse, please click the button below to arrange an appointment with me.

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